Global Sight Solutions is an avoidable blindness charity registered with the Charity Commission back in the 1990s by members of Guildford Rotary Club, the aim being to work with Rotary Clubs in the developing world and together establish financially sustainable eye hospitals, physical buildings, which can and do provide a full range of eye care, free to the world’s poorest.

Each hospital provides a full range of eye care and utilises only the best surgical and assessment equipment. The charity also provides outreach assessment vehicles thus enabling those in the far off regions of each hospitals community to be served by experienced medical staff.

It is 100% a Rotary charity and, by virtue of the work it does, falls into one of the seven of The Rotary Foundation areas of focus and can therefore obtain generous grants to help with financing its projects.

It is therefore a charity run by Rotarians in the UK.

Up to 650 million people are too poor to access solutions to their sight problems for themselves!!!

What is being done to help those in need?

Like the majority of medical staff, eye surgeons have a strong sense of wanting to help those in need of medical care and have traditionally done so by lending their skills to far off eye camps and the like. Surgical cleanliness standards always being the biggest challenge.  There are many well-meaning charities who will dispense pre owned spectacles and/or help fund eye surgeries and relevant pharmaceutical products for use in old style hospitals in the Indian sub-continent and Africa.

Back in the 90’s a group of members of Rotary International*, Rotarians, decided they would develop a process whereby Rotary Clubs in the developed world could partner with those in the developing world and together establish financially sustainable eye hospitals, which would provide a full range of eye care to the highest medical standards and free to the world’s poorest.

The charity thus formed is now known as Global Sight Solutions and was registered with the Charity Commission some 27 years ago by members of Guildford Rotary Club. It has to date enabled over 80 eye hospitals in both the Indian subcontinent, Africa and elsewhere.

It benefits tremendously from being able to access grants from the “in house’’ Rotary charity, The Rotary Foundation. This means, that all things being equal, a donation of £1000 will grow to £5600 of project value. Typically a cataract operation can be funded by a donation of just £5 in the UK and if a total of £12,000 is raised this will grow to $90,000, which is sufficient to fund all the surgical and assessment equipment needed to allow an eye hospital to open its doors for the first time.

Global Sight Solutions believes it is unique in as much as it establishes these Rotary Eye Hospitals and proudly states that as none of its Trustees or Ambassadors claim any expenses that every £1 donated is a £1 spent as ‘’the coal face’’.

Please review Global Sight Solutions

Needless to say like all charities Global Sight Solutions is always seeking donations and is also looking for volunteers to help raise funds and raise awareness of its work.

To find out more please contact Trustee John Miles by email or telephone 01483 481856.

Your help could enable 1000’s to access the eye care they desperately need.

*Rotary International is described as a service organisation. Its members strive to assist those less fortunate than themselves whether they are in the same post code or on the other side of the world. It was formed in 1905 and has since grown to some 1.25 million members, both male and female in 200 countries. It is a non-political, non-religious organisation.

The Rotary Foundation was started in 1917 and has now grown to be the third largest charity on the planet.