Technical message

EETN secure website

The EETN has recently launched a secure website to ensure that when you are viewing our website the link from the internet to your computer is secure. We apologise for some recent technical problems. Most website are now using “https” secure website addresses. A padlock will be displayed in the URL address bar if you are visiting the secure website.

A padlock will not show if you are visiting the original EETN website “”. To change to and visit our secure website click EETN secure website.

Alternatively, you can either enter the full address manually “” in the website URL address bar.

Screen reader users

Apologies to our screen reader users, as there are so many variations it is difficult to give advice on how to check whether you are currently visiting the EETN original website or the new EETN secure website. To visit the secure website click EETN secure website.