Local news week of 20th Feb 2021

In this week’s news we have information about Surrey County Council’s new symptom free coronavirus testing for eligible workers and details of how to register now for a postal vote in the various local elections that will take place on the 6th May 2021.

We have details of how you can celebrate the positives you have experienced over the last extraordinary year with the Great Ewell Patch Up and Celebrate your Local Heroes community initiatives. Listen now for these and many other stories and news items.

Audio News

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Contact Information for this week’s news stories

Register for a postal vote call 01372 732000 or visit Online test

Sympton free coronavirus testing call 0208 8865 1952

For details of Surrey Fire and Rescue Service and Surrey Civilian-Military Partnership Board (SCMPB) online Veteran’s Hub email armedforces@surreycc.gov.uk or visit Surrey News

Patches to be submitted to All Things Nice, 90 Ewell High Street, Ewell by 19th February 2021. For details of The Great Ewell Patch up email patchingupewell@gmail.com

If you or someone you know want to join the focus groups with the Surrey Heartlands feedback of non-emergency transport service users contact tati.scott@nhs.net

For more information visit Brain Tumour Research or our special Wear a Hat Day page.


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Many of these news articles, come from various sources and this week’s can be read in the local Surrey and Epsom Comet and Surrey County Council. Local community information is from the Epsom and Ewell Borough council community magazine Epsom Borough Insight and the community website for the Ashley Centre and Best of Epsom and Ewell.