Have you got a favourite hat?

Isn’t it lovely to think that March will be here in just over a week – it’s been a long time coming.  It’s such a special month, ushering in the Spring as plants begin to grow, animals start to mate and birds sing a sweeter song and begin to migrate.  Add to that the daylight saving when the clocks change and it’s small wonder we all feel more alive and optimistic about everything and we need that this year more than any other.

March is also Brain Tumour Awareness month and the national charity Brain Tumour Research is dedicated to raising funds for continuous and sustainable scientific research into this devastating disease.

Every year the fundraisers hold a special event at the end of Awareness month called ‘Wear A Hat Day’, when people nationwide don their favourite and fun hats, posting pictures on social media and on their donation websites.  This year on March 26th the charity celebrates key workers who have played a pivotal role throughout the pandemic, and they’ll also be sharing stories of key workers and their families who have been affected by brain tumours.

Jan Taylor wearing a hat
Jan Taylor with Gertie the mannequin wearing hats

Like thousands of people nationwide, local resident Jan Taylor has set up a fundraising page online for Brain Tumour Research Wear A Hat Day, where she plans to post pictures of a mannequin wearing a different hat every day in March, she said:

‘It’s fun styling the ‘model’ with vintage and fun hats and hopefully will raise awareness and much needed funds”

To view Jan’s page and find out more visit Wear A Hat Day