Epsom and Ewell Showcase 2021

Epsom Rotary club have arranged an evening of entertainment for you with some of the best performers of Epsom and Ewell and have put together a programme for you to watch on Mayday evening, Saturday 1st May 2021.

The Children’s Hour is between 18:00 and 19:00 with some entertainment for the children including fairy tales, stories and song.

The Adult Entertainment is between 20:00 and 22:00 with a series of performances by the singers and entertainers as listed below.

There will be no charge for watching, but Rotary charities will be advertised during the event and raising money via Text and JustGiving. If you wish to Donate text Epsom10 to 70085 to donate £10 or visit Just Giving Epsom and Ewell Showcase

Children’s Hour 6-7pm YouTube:

Children’s Programme

Epsom Players – Anything you can do

Niamh Ogle – Lion King – clive.richardson@btinternet.com

Phab – Making more of life together

Jenny Lockyer – Granny Pearl

Sam Veale – Ball Bounce and Plates juggling

The Adult Entertainment 20:00 – 22:00 YouTube link:

Adult Entertainment 20:00-22:00

Adult Entertainment Programme

Epsom Players – Cabaret

Sam Veale – Juggler – Bounce

Richard Wheeler – Epsom and Ewell Talking Newspaper

Epsom Male Voice Choir – Crossing the Bar

Epsom Players — Copacobana – Just Arrived

Machan – Hal an Tow – johnmannel@yahoo.co.uk

Sue Overy – Spring

Epsom Choral – If ye love me

Epsom and Ewell High School band – Nowhere to Run Facebook Page – Cheat

Epsom Players – O what a beautiful morning

Instant Sunshine – My Horse and I

Mike Bradley – The Devil’s on my side

University of the third age – epsomchair1@gmail.com

Epsom and Ewell Town Twinning Association

Feature Creep – Show me baby one more time – info@feature-creep.co.uk

Machan – Bonapartes retreat – johnmannel@yahoo.co.uk

Phab – Making more of life together

Epsom Rotary – Scribble advert

Jamie Gray – Muse – Ruled by Secrecy

Sam Veale – Spinning plates

Epsom Players – What I did for love

Machan – I can hear music – johnmannel@yahoo.co.uk

Jamie Gray – Fantasia

Instant Sunshine – My Allotment


Epsom Players – My Fair Lady- Sarah Jane Pullen

Machan – Give me some Lovin’ – johnmannel@yahoo.co.uk

Epsom Players – I don’t know how to love him

Sarah Morriso – Love me Love my mind

Mike Bradley – Tomorrow’s Day