It’s All In The Voice …

Poetry, teaching, acting, singing and song-writing – all in a day’s work for EETN’s legendary, longest-serving volunteer. Her voice is instantly recognisable for its warmth, sincerity and humour, so we’ll let you find out who the mystery lady is when you listen to the interview.


There’s long service and then there’s very long service and here at Epsom and Ewell Talking Newspaper, we are  proud and privileged to have a wonderful lady on our team who has been volunteering  with us for more than three decades. When you hear that she became involved with EETN after taking early retirement from teaching, you will know why she is our own  much valued ‘doyenne’ and is indeed a legend with an awesome level of commitment.

Our interview took place last week, after our mystery lady had just read the News for our listeners and before she went on to read the Magazine. As she chats and reads some of her poems, you’ll hear a little about her life and her early years at EETN, and you will applaud her outlook on life and her commitment to the things she holds dear.

Jan Collier reports.

To listen to an interview with our longest serving volunteer click on the following Play button